We supply our customers with comprehensive gear engineering solutions: General machining and manufacture of almost any component and gears of all types.

Gear cutting capacity from 3mm to 1m diameter. Most gear pitches in module, diameteral pitch (DP) and circular pitch (CP) are catered for. We have cutters for splines, serrations, toothed belt pulleys, etc.

Flycutting multi start wormwheels up to 40″ diameter, is achieved on our Pfauter R2 Gear Hobber with tangential head.

We regularly machine and gear cut, ferrous and non-ferrous materials, most machinable steels and also plastics, nylons and Tufnol.

General Machining
Turning – Milling – Broaching – Slotting – Grinding – Heat Treatment

Gear Cutting
Spur Gears – Helical Gears – Bevel Gears – Internal Gears – Racks & Pinions – Gear Shafts – Splined Shafts – Worms & Wormwheels – Toothrounding – Gear Grinding

Also, Gear Consultancy and complete gearbox manufacture.